From Woe to Go!

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Milton Makeover on a Budget

This small one bedroom unit in Milton desperately needed some smartening up. As a first home  its young owner loved being able to cycle to work and the inner city location and lifestyle. However getting married changed everything! There was just not enough room for both of their accumulated “stuff” and with both of them studying they decided a bigger place was now indicated.

When I first visited them it was so choked with “stuff” we could barely see the floor! We went through a process of working out what to keep, donate, throw away and store. Then we started on the process of transforming a lemon into lemonade!

Perhaps the best feature is its private, north-facing, paved courtyard which almost doubles the living space. When we started it was piled with junk but now it is a great place to entertain or just chill.

This great little property is now on the market and we hope to see a speedy sale. If you would like some tips and an action plan to transform your place call or email me today.


About Claire Thompson Homes

Claire is a very experienced Real Estate Agent of 28 years experience in all aspects of residential real estate.
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