Want to add thousands to your final sales price?

Recently sold

Recently sold

It can definitely be done. Sure, presentation is terrifically important and should never be underestimated. However property owners should not be afraid to challenge price opinions given by agents!

Unless you are intimately acquainted with your real estate professional and trust them completely,  it makes to sense to question how they arrive at their price opinion. This can vary widely between Agents. It is sensible to get 3 price opinions, backed by solid data even if you already have an Agent in mind.  Beware of the Agent who gives you  a surprisingly high opinion as well as the one who suggests an amount considerably lower than your expectations. Make sure they have FACTS to back up this opinion. One Agent may have the boss on his back and is desperate to get listings at any price to keep his job (industry insiders call this “buying” the listing) and the other is solely interested in turnover. The reality is the final selling price makes little difference to the Agent’s fee but a great deal of difference to you, the owner!

For example,  I recently sold this Daisy Hill property. Prior to listing I encouraged the sellers to get 2 other opinions from prominent local agents. The price opinion of both  was $20,000 less than the price the property actually sold for! As it was on the market for less than 3 weeks the sellers are thrilled. This difference more than covered the normal “moving expenses”.

Claire Thompson Homes provides properly researched market opinions to all potential sellers totally free of charge.


About Claire Thompson Homes

Claire is a very experienced Real Estate Agent of 28 years experience in all aspects of residential real estate.
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