Optimising your property

How many times have you sold a property just when you finally got it the way you always wanted it? You are not alone! In fact Claire realised from her own personal property moves and from years of dealing with thousands of property owners that most of us only get around to fixing or changing our homes when we are going to sell!


How crazy is that? Wouldn’t it make more sense to enjoy the benefits of these improvements while we are still living there?

Making your home more attractive and comfortable to live in does not have to cost a lot or take up all your family and leisure time. In many cases small cosmetic changes, minor re-organisation and correct furniture placement will greatly enhance the attractiveness and livability of your home as well as adding value, should you decide to sell later on.

Claire specialises in identifying what will work, what will look good, what will add value and what will not. It is this ability that has reaped rich rewards for her Clients.

Call or email her today for an obligation free initial consultation.


2 Responses to Optimising your property

  1. vunderbolt says:

    Good idea! Get your house fixed and then just live in it!

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