Property Management

* Better Outcome for less Outlay!

* Southern suburbs of the Greater Brisbane area covered

Too many Agents treat their Property Management Department as the poor relation in their business.  Most employ young, inexperienced staff (on low wages) and then overload them with too many properties to manage. This results in an Industry that is notorious for its high staff turnover, loss of continuity in the care of your investment and lack of accountability to you.

So what makes a great Property Manager?

A great Property Manager:

  • Is readily contactable and always calls you back
  • Puts you, their Client first
  • Deals fairly with Customers (Tenants)
  • Has exceptional people skills
  • Is a good negotiator
  • Has the ability to identify property problems and instigate preventative measures before they become expensive
  • Has excellent maintenance contacts

Further, a great Property Manager understands the importance of “property Matching” that is, finding the right tenant for the type of property you own.

Because our overheads are kept as low as possible we can offer you, our Client, very competitive rates and possibly significant savings without any sacrifice to the quality of our service.


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